高橋 治輝 / Haruki TAKAHASHI

  • 博士(工学) / Ph.D. in Engineering
  • 明治大学総合数理学部(FMS) 助教 / Research associate at FMS, Meiji University
  • haruki (at) meiji.ac.jp
  • Haruki Takahashi is a Research associate at FMS, Meiji University (from 2018). He received his Ph.D. in Engineering from Meiji University in 2017, advised by Homei Miyashita (Miyashita Laboratory).
    His general research interests include human-computer interaction, digital fabrication and craft.

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Programmable Filament (UIST2020 Paper)

3D printing technique that enables multi-material printing using a commodity FDM 3D printer, requiring no hardware upgrades. Multiple filament segments are printed and spliced into a single threaded filament.

SIGCHI Best of UIST Honorable Mention Award!

3D Printed Fabric (UIST2019 Paper)

3D printing technique for fabricating soft and flexible textiles using a consumer grade fused deposition modeling (FDM) 3D printer. By controlling the movement of the print header, the FDM alternately weaves the stringing fibers across a row of pillars.


3D Pen + 3D Printer (CHI2019 Paper)

Exploration of a new process of 3D modeling using 3D pen + 3D printer. Basef on a pilot study, we propose techniques and system that empower users to print while doodling to focus on creative exploration.


Expressive Fused Deposition Modeling (CHI2017 Paper)

3D printing technique to print a expressive objects. By controlling the height position of the extruder and the amount of extruded material, and explore the combination of these parameters to enhance the capability of FDM.


Thickness Control Technique (UIST2016 Demo)

3D printing technique that controls the thickness of objects by increasing and decreasing the amount of material extruded during printing. Using this technique, printers can dynamically control thickness and output thicker objects without a staircase effect.

Example Gcode - I recommend using a PLA filament.


International Conference (Oral)

  1. Himani Deshpande, Haruki Takahashi, and Jeeeun Kim. EscapeLoom: Fabricating New Affordances for Hand Weaving. In Proceedings of CHI2021.
  2. Haruki Takahashi, Parinya Punpongsanon and Jeeeun Kim. Programmable Filament: Printed Filaments for Multi-material 3D Printing. In Proceedings of UIST 2020.
  3. Shota Yamanaka, Hiroki Usuba, Haruki Takahashi, Homei Miyashita. Servo-Gaussian Model to Predict Success Rates in Manual Tracking: Path Steering and Pursuit of 1D Moving Target. In Proceedings of UIST 2020.
  4. Shota Yamanaka, Hiroki Usuba, Haruki Takahashi, Homei Miyashita. Peephole Steering: Speed Limitation Models for Steering Performance in Restricted View Sizes. In Proceedings of Graphics Interface 2020.
  5. Haruki Takahashi and Jeeeun Kim. 3D Printed Fabric: Techniques for Design and 3D Weaving Programmable Textiles. In Proceedings of UIST 2019, pp.43-51, 2019. PDF
  6. Haruki Takahashi and Jeeeun Kim. 3D Pen + 3D Printer: Exploring the Role of Humans and Fabrication Machines in Creative Making. In Proceedings of CHI 2019, No.295, 2019. PDF
  7. Jeeeun Kim, Clement Zheng, Haruki Takahashi, Mark D Gross, Daniel Ashbrook and Tom Yeh. Expanding & Supporting Workflows Towards Compositional 3D Printing. In Proceedings of Acm Symposium On Computational Fabrication (SCF’18), 2018.
  8. Haruki Takahashi and Homei Miyashita. Expressive Fused Deposition Modeling by Controlling Extruder Height and Extrusion Amount. In Proceedings of CHI 2017, pp.5065-5074, 2017. PDF
  9. Jeeeun Kim, Haruki Takahashi, Homei Miyashita, Michelle Annett and Tom Yeh. Machines as Co-Designers: A Fiction on the Future of Human-Fabrication Machine Interaction. In Proceedings of CHI 2017 Extended Abstracts, pp.790-805, 2017. PDF
  10. Haruki Takahashi and Homei Miyashita. An Interactive Fabrication System that Allows Users to Edit a 3D Model during 3D Printing. International Conference on Digital Fabrication 2016 (ICDF 2016). PDF
  11. Haruki Takahashi and Homei Miyashita. Animation Affecting the Operation Feeling on GUI Environment. International Symposium on Psychological vs Mathematical Approaches to Optical Illusion (Tokyo Symposium on Optical Illusion 2015).

International Conference (Demo, Poster)

  1. Haruki Takahashi and Jeeeun Kim. Designing a Hairy Haptic Display using 3D Printed Hairs and Perforated Plates. In Adjunct Proc. of UIST 2022.
  2. Qian Lu, Aryabhat Darnal, Haruki Takahashi, Anastasia Hanifah Muliana, and Jeeeun Kim. User-Centered Property Adjustment with Programmable Filament. In Proceedings of CHI 2022 Extended Abstracts.
  3. Haruki Takahashi and Homei Miyashita. Thickness Control Technique for Printing Tactile Sheets with Fused Deposition Modeling. In Adjunct Proc. of UIST 2016, pp.51-53. PDF


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  1. 2020年9月 3D Printed Fabric: FDM方式3Dプリンタを用いた布の造形手法, トップコンファレンスセッション2-2 ユーザインタフェース, FIT2020.
  2. 2020年1月 3Dプリンタの造形手法研究とラピッドプロトタイピング, センサ工学, 公立はこだて未来大学(北海道).
  3. 2017年9月 CHI2017採択論文紹介, 世界を目指せ! ― トップコンファレンス採択論文紹介, 第22回バーチャルリアリティ学会大会(徳島).


  1. 2023年3月 インタラクション2023 インタラクティブ発表賞(PC推薦).
  2. 2021年12月 WISS2021 対話発表賞(PC推薦).
  3. 2020年11月 第18回 芸術科学会論文賞 受賞ニュース(明治大学).
  4. 2020年10月 UIST2020 SIGCHI Best of UIST Honorable Mention Award.
  5. 2017年12月 WISS2017 対話発表賞.
  6. 2017年11月 第15回 芸術科学会論文賞 受賞ニュース(明治大学).


  1. 2020年4月- 塚田浩二(研究代表者),高橋治輝(研究分担者), 「実世界デバイスを拡張するファンクショナル・テクスチャ」
  2. 2017年, 明治大学「大学院生海外研究プログラム」



  1. 明治大学理工学部 助手 (2015年4月 - 2017年3月)
  2. 明治大学総合数理学部 助手 (2017年4月 - 2018年3月)
  3. 明治大学総合数理学部 助教 (2018年4月 - 現在)




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  1. vvvvと私の博士課程, vvvv Advent Calendar 2017, 2017年12月20日.
  2. 第22回 vvvv オフ会(vvvv to 3D printer) 主催, 2017年6月17日.
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